How To Draw Goku Step By Step Pictures

How To Draw Goku Step By Step Pictures. How to Draw Goku (Step by Step Pictures). To draw super Saiyan Goku, start by sketching the outline of the head, including the jaw and ears.

How to Draw Goku Super Saiyan God (Dragon Ball Z) - Easy ...
How to Draw Goku Super Saiyan God (Dragon Ball Z) – Easy … (Connor Bishop)

Hoods are hard to draw villainoustyrrany: " corischaracters: " I get so annoyed because there are no good hoodie tutorials that I decided to try and make my own. (note TRY.) Sketch the Picture out with a gray pencil, then add in the details. I will show you how to draw Son Goku Super Saiya, the main character of the Dragon Ball series (Dragon Ball Z). Learn how to draw Goku with this easy step by step tutorial by the Drawing Factory!

Begin Goku's arm by drawing curved lines in a circular pattern, overlapping the rhombus.

In each step, simply add the lines highlighted in blue, or erase lines no longer needed.

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How to Draw Goku

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Add more detail and add the floor. Above you can see the traditional colors that Son Goku as an adult and as a child wears. Here we provide a step by step instruction for drawing Goku in his Super Saiyan state.

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