Are Jack O Lantern Pumpkins Edible

Are Jack O Lantern Pumpkins Edible. According to NPR, technically the jack-o'-lantern pumpkin is edible. This, the Irish believe stops evil spirits like Stingy Jack from entering their homes during Halloween.

Pumpkins and Jack ‘o Lanterns – Edible or Not? – Home & Family
Pumpkins and Jack ‘o Lanterns – Edible or Not? – Home & Family (Betty Taylor)

People first started carving turnips and potatoes to ward off evil. The pumpkins we carve up to make Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween are every bit as edible, and nutritious, as the smaller, sweeter pie/sugar pumpkins that we buy to cook. In Ireland, the ghost lights seen in the swamps were said to be Jack's improvised lantern moving about as his restless soul wandered the countryside.

Plus get an easy recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds.

The pineapple jack-o'-lantern is all the rage this year.

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Not only is that just plain gross, mold and other bacteria have already started rotting it! Your pumpkin should reflect your inner self, and your inner self might be just a wee bit grumpy. When the tradition of the Jack-o'-Lantern went from Europe to the US, pumpkins were more readily available than turnips and were larger.

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