Captain Americas Girlfriend Peggy Carter

Captain Americas Girlfriend Peggy Carter. Marvel are in the "very early stages" of developing a series inspired by Agent Carter's DVD extra. The Peggy/Cap/Sharon romantic triangle isn't a new development, however; Cap's relationships with both Peggy and Sharon Carter come from comic book canon, where the shifting nature of comic book aging mean that it has an additional layer of confusion: Sharon was initially Peggy's younger sister.

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Captain America’s Near-Perfect MCU Ending Is Hurt By … (Miguel Adkins)

Did Captain America and Peggy have kids? Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter have a good claim on being the best romance in the entirety of superhero movies. Subsequent retcons have turned Sharon into.

The "Agent Carter" series was cancelled after two seasons.

It's a love that spans multiple decades and even multiple timelines, a story of loss and reunification that could only. ―Peggy Carter and Captain America[src].

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According to Marvel Games executive creative director William. If you haven't seen any other MCU film with Captain America in it, you may not have recognized the woman who stopped Cap in his tracks during his visit. Captain America lives on in Marvel's Agent Carter, which is set some time after his (presumably) fatal arctic plunge — and all Peggy Carter can do is shrug.

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